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First Solo at 14 yrs old

(Owen doesn’t even have his car learner’s license, but he can fly a plane!)

Well done!  We are all proud of you!

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.




Reasonable prices and a fixed price training program guarantee!

A personalized training program that meets your individual flying goals and schedule with a training guarantee.

Affordable and reasonable rental aircraft!


"I wanted to create a company that helps people enjoy and afford to fly after they get their license. We are here to create a great aviation environment and culture for current and past students."


Training Guarantee

At Calgary-Okotoks Flying School, we believe that 45 hours is enough time for anybody to gain sufficient skill as a pilot in order for them to pass their flight exam and obtain their private pilot license. If you train with us and you are not competent to pass your exam after 45 hours, we believe that is the fault of the instructor and the school. Therefore, we offer our training guarantee: For one flat price, we will train you as many hours as is necessary for you to become competent to pass your flight test. And if you fail the test? We will provide an additional 3 hours of dual instruction at no extra cost to get you ready to re-take the test.


In order to get you trained as quickly as possible so you can start to enjoy and experience the amazing freedom of having your pilot license, we will sit down with you and create a custom training program that fits into your schedule and meets your aviation goals and budget. Not everyone has the same goal for getting their license. We will customize your training so that you achieve your goals and get out of flying what you want to get out of it! Not everyone wants to fly for the airlines. Maybe you want to enjoy taking a plane and travelling around North America and experience this country in a way that only a small aircraft can provide. Maybe you want to learn aerobatics. Do you want to fly to and enjoy the tranquility of the northern lakes? Whatever your goals, whatever your time availability, we will map out a training program that will get you there as quickly and cost effectively as possible.